Articles for the Month of September 2011

Live Bravely Updates

Well, it’s been a long time since I posted on here, so for those reading this, I apologise. To those new to this Blog, I welcome you. It’s been an interesting half a year roughly. Live Bravely started working with Living Rock Ministries to create awareness and to start working on keeping on top of some crisis things already in place there. In the process we started making a plan to have an event to provide training and reflection. Two of the more important aspects of what Live Bravely is about. The event was called “72 Hours for Life” and consisted of training in SAFE, and SAFETalk, along with some grief training, on what is “Good Grief” as well as a night of bands and also a component of artistic reflection and memorys through drawing, photography and singing and poetry. We also joined with the Hamilton Suicide Community Council on their walk of rememberance, and had shoes donated to Living Rock through this event. Over all it was an excellent first year for this event, and seems to be a really good way of helping to get information to the people who really need it and to forward the goal of preventing needless deaths. I am hoping that for next year we can get a band called Silverstein involved a little more as it would draw a much bigger population and also get more people involved in awareness.

I would like to remember those that were involved. Both the service providors, and the people that attended. As well as Living Rock for allowing us to use their space and building, and Materials.

If you would like more information on the Training, Living Rock or Friends In Grief, go to any of these links.

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