Articles for the Month of June 2013

Older Post from my original Webpage’s Word Press: Thoughts Apr 16th. 2013


In the wake of many tragic things in life, seems as we are almost always stuck on this roller coaster of life. You may get to a point where its just too much and you want to get off.. I know I have a few times, but with all of it’s ups and downs, life can also be a ride that can be enjoyed.. It may not always be pleasant, but those rips around corners, those moments of hanging upside down.. They all bring excitement into ones life. The risk of possibly falling, and the sheer speed at which one flies through the ride is crazy. Life can also be very crazy, but who are your posts, who are the bolts, and who are the ones that you can rely on when things do get crazy? Is it your family? Your friends? Your God? Is it  an animal? Perhaps it’s your work.. These things all give us cause to rethink things.. They also give us things to look forward to and also make life worth while. I have many people around me that care about me, and that I can go to when I need to talk. I would not be around without some of those people.. Even more importantly, is my faith. I know that God is for me, and if that’s true then NOTHING can stand against me.. Even when the odds  seem insurmountable, and I can’t see the good things that are there.. God is there, and He knows. He has a plan for my life, and he has a plan for yours. I don’t know all the details yet, but as time goes on I see more and more… I also know that there is more to life than just living and dying..  Having thought about ending my life quite a few times and then attempting to do so when I was 17. It’s not an easy track, but with God as the conductor he keeps my car on the rails, and I shan’t stumble or fall off without him knowing. I am not saying that there are not obstacles, but I am saying that I don’t have to face them alone anymore..

Jermiah 29:11 says “I have a plan for you”, declares the Lord. “A plan to prosper you; not to harm you, but to give you a hope and a future.”

So who’s watching your car? Is it going off the rails? If it is, then talk to the one who can put the car back on the right track, and that can give you a better life than you EVER dreamed… Go to a church, talk to a minister, or even pray.. Right now, where you are.. Doesn’t have to be long, or complicated… Just tell God how you feel, and that you need His help, and that you want to invite Jesus into your mess, and allow Him to do the work to change your life.. Ask for forgiveness for not following His path and for rejecting Him for so long, and then thank Him for the love He showed you by sending His son to die for your mistakes. (This is the easy part.. Living it every day is not always easy, but you can do it.. Find a church, and get the supports you need. Find someone to mentor you, and ask questions.. Learn who God is, and find out for yourself HIS Truth..)

I was 14 when I made that choice, had no clue what I was getting myself into, but I would not change it for anything.. God has shown me many things, and not all of them were pleasant… I am a child of God, adopted into HIS family and just like an earthly family, not all things are nice and pretty. God’s love is unconditional, but ours is not usually. God is building us a mansion, and we don’t need white picket fences. One day we won’t have to suffer, but while we are here on earth, we need to rely on His strength, mercy and grace to make it through.. He LOVES you more than you could ever IMAGINE! And I am sure, that when you understand that, you will find that the crisis you find yourself in, will pale in comparison, and that God is already working out the details that you missed…


Happenings and Future


First and foremost, thanks for dropping by. I know that it’s been ages since I posted anything on this blog. The truth is, I had totally forgotten about this space. I stumbled upon in quite by accident. It was hiding in a bookmarks page I had saved some time ago. My main webpage has gone down again so now I need to work on alternatives so that we won’t get lost and so that there is a presence online still for Live Bravely as a whole. For now I will use this and later will link back to it.

A lot has happened, we are now on to our third year of having the “72 hours for Life” event, and things are progressing as the time gets closer. We are excited by what is going as well as the guests we are hoping to have attend this year. We are  revamping a lot of things and now have 3 words for Live Bravely (Vision – Hope – Future ) and a vision statement based on Jeremiah 29:11 that we didn’t have before. Also, with new partnerships we will have new things happening as well and have BIG dreams for Live Bravely as a whole.  We will keep you updated as things continue to progress..

As always, LIVE BRAVELY!