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This post got lost when my web hoster went down so I am re-posting here:
The other day my fiance and I were talking, and in the conversation the term normal came up. The online dictionary defines it as this: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. (Pretty interesting.) The Urban dictionary says this : A word made up by this corrupt society so they could single out and attack those who are different (Even more interesting when you think about the difference in definitions.) Ok, so what then is normal, and why have we de-normalized so many things?
Normal for one is not the same normal for another.
Ie. For one who lives in poverty, and grows up with knowing it, and then in turn lives with in it, that becomes their “normal”.
Likewise for one that grows up in wealth, and lives with a golden spoon in their mouth, and never has to worry about anything, that becomes their “normal”.
Now, lets talk about a few other kinds of “normal” not usually discussed:
How about Death? How about Periods? How about Birth? How about faith? How about Sex? How about anger? How about depression? How about anxieties? How about Schizophrenia?
Each of those is normal for the persons walking through those things, but may be taboo for others .. Why?
Why can’t we talk about periods as if they are the most common thing on earth?
Why can’t we talk about death and birth and how they are tied?
Why can’t we talk about sex, which is normal and beautiful in a loving relationship?
Why can’t we talk about mental health in whatever form it shows up with respect and an appreciation that not everyone functions the same way and that is not necessarily a bad thing?
Why can’t we talk about Faith of ANY sort openly with open minds and open hearts, rather than assuming it will only lead to conflicts and hatred?
As if in hiding these things changes the fact that they exist.
None of the topics I have just discussed are new. In fact most of them have been around since creation.
And what about suicide? Surely its something we can discuss…
Its also not normal. How someone died, why they died, the truth behind the stigmas and hiding, none of these topics are commonly discussed publicly. It is time to realize that we need a HUGE change in our thinking. Suicide doesn’t “just happen”. People don’t just wake up in the morning and go, “Today I am going to kill myself”. Studies have shown very clearly that suicide happens when a person believes all other resources have been exhausted. Studies also show that someone dies around the world every 40 seconds. Now that is something that is definitely abnormal.. Or is it? I don’t really know. See what is really abnormal to me is how many people miss the cues, or the warning signs that something is going on. Humans have this natural instinct for self preservation, but somehow when a suicide occurs that doesn’t matter.
So what if we redefined normal. What if normal became simply being honest, simply being real, simply being human.
What if we could just talk to each other about what we thought and felt, without facing the fear of making others
And what if we could make talking about suicide normal?
What if talking about the lost lives became normal?
What if, instead of hiding the truth behind lies, smoke and mirrors, and stigmas, we made it normal to openly discuss such things?
Would that not become a much better “normal”? Would it not help to save more lives?
Tell me, What’s really “normal” anyways?