Crisis Links

If you are feeling suicidal please call one of the following crisis lines or 911 for immediate assistance. Your life matters!  Please reach out for help!
And if you are concerned about someone who is at risk of taking their life you can also use these phone lines. It’s ok to get help when you are trying to help others.

Kids Help Phone- Call if you are in crisis and just need someone to talk to!
1 800 668 6868
website- Canada- This site will give you a list of Suicide Crisis lines in Canada
website link click here 

Living Works Suicide Resources– A list of suicide hotlines (includes international numbers)

Salvation Army Crisis Line – Another help line you can call when you are in crisis

Suicide Related Websites 

Below you will find some links to some of our favourite suicide and mental health related sites. 

The Emowell Project– Check this out if you are interested in natural approaches to mental and emotional wellbeing.

Your Life Counts– Lots of awesome information about suicide to help you get informed and be aware of how to help those affected.

Living Works- An organization offer suicide prevention training

Compassion and Peace Organization– A not for profit agency dedicated to raising awarenss about suicide prevention

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