What This is Really About

Live Bravely started as a tragedy in my life. I lost a very close friend and ex girlfriend of mine to suicide. In the process of walking through some of the feelings and memories I decided that I wanted to do something to help others.. To bring awareness about suicide and to promote prevention. I hope to do this through Speaking about courage and how it’s the thing needed to talk about suicide. One of the biggest problems with someone who is suicidal is that they are going through massive amounts of pain in some form or another. With this also comes fear. A fear that if they say something to someone they will be committed and put in the hospital or something like that..  If their life is Truly at risk then that is where they may need to be to get help.. Or at least to start getting help.. If there is someone that knows that a friend or family member is suicidal, it can be very scary. Believe me I know. After 3 and a half years of dealing with threats and Lisa saying that she had a plan and that she was supposed to be there and things were supposed to be this way, I learned a few things.. Number 1: The underlying factor regarding suicide is to end the pain, the person really doesn’t want to die. The suicidal person just wants the pain to end. Number 2: If You know about it and you say nothing, and that person does try or does commit suicide, YOU will carry it with you for the rest of your life! SAY SOMETHING TO SOMEONE! Help them get help.. Help yourself get help to help.. Even if you lose the friendship you will have at least tried. Number 3: At the End of it all, it still is and never was your fault. The person made the choice to end their life. No matter what you said in the final conversation before the suicide, it may never have mattered in the end. I am not the final say regarding these things but I do know about my experiences and what I personally have learned.. Good luck and always.. LIVE BRAVELY!

Michael Lardie

Founder of Live Bravely

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