About Us

Live Bravely is an organization dedicated to education and promotion of awareness related to suicide prevention. Through our clothing line, indomitable foundation and our events we spread a message of courage and empowerment.

Live Bravely raises money for our not-for-profit initiatives by way of various products and services. You will find information about all the wonderful things we do on this site.

Live Bravely promotes four points of courage
1. The Courage to live
2. The Courage to get help
3. The Courage to help
4. The Courage to remember the good things about the people we have lost

Below you will be introduced to our core team. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Michael Lardie founded the organization Live Bravely after one of his dearest friends took her life in Dec 2004. He was deeply affected by the loss, and decided he wanted to use what he had learned from his experience to help those who were contemplating suicide or who had loved ones who were in crisis. In the process he created 72 Hours for Life, an event focused on training, reflection and action related to suicide prevention.

Over the past three years 96 people have been trained in suicide prevention through 72 Hours for life. Michael’s work has also lead to him appearing on the Lorna Dueck show,  being interviewed on 93.3 CFMU and being featured in The Hamilton Spectator.

His goals for the development of his organization Live Bravely are to continue and expand his annual 72 Hours for Life event, to create a Live Bravely clothing line, and eventually to set up a foundation to support suicide prevention initiatives.


Meaghan Beattie met Michael Lardie in 2011 and the two became one in the summer of 2014. They now work on Live Bravely and its annual event, 72 Hours for Life together as a team.

Meaghan is a singer-songwriter and a vitality coach. Through her music she helps to share the voice of people suffering with mental health and suicidal tendencies. As a vitality coach she shares empowering information about natural health, and focuses on the role of nutrition and self-care in the prevention and treatment of mental health problems.

Meaghan suffered from anxiety and depression in her teens and early adulthood and is passionate about sharing inspiration, education and hope with youth and young adults facing the same barriers. She created a project called The Emowell Project  (Emotional Wellness Project) as a way of helping youth and young adults access information and community events which support mental and emotional well-being.

Her music can be found at www.meaghancolleenbeattie.com and her vitality coaching website is available at www.ecstaticvitality.com. All proceeds from her music and her vitality services help to support 72 Hours for Life and its programs.

Her goals are to continue working with her husband Michael to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention through a Live Bravely clothing line, her music, workshops and vitality coaching.


Vikie Bocianski has been working with Live Bravely for over 2 years. She was inspired to join the campaign after one of her best friends took his life in December 2011. Deeply affected by his loss and driven to make changes in the community, Vikie decided to start volunteering at the Living Rock Ministries and discovered the 72 hours For Life project. She began actively participating in the partnership, networking and organization of Live Bravely, and now is employed with the Living Rock Ministries as a Youth Support Staff. Vikie also works as a Primary Worker for the Salvation Army and has been certified in SafeTALK, ASIST, Mental Health First Aid, and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention. She has dedicated her life to spreading awarness and developing change in the Hamilton Community. Vikie is also finishing her diploma for Community and Justice Services and is expected to graduate April 2015.

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