Happenings and Future


First and foremost, thanks for dropping by. I know that it’s been ages since I posted anything on this blog. The truth is, I had totally forgotten about this space. I stumbled upon in quite by accident. It was hiding in a bookmarks page I had saved some time ago. My main webpage has gone down again so now I need to work on alternatives so that we won’t get lost and so that there is a presence online still for Live Bravely as a whole. For now I will use this and later will link back to it.

A lot has happened, we are now on to our third year of having the “72 hours for Life” event, and things are progressing as the time gets closer. We are excited by what is going as well as the guests we are hoping to have attend this year. We are ¬†revamping a lot of things and now have 3 words for Live Bravely (Vision – Hope – Future ) and a vision statement based on Jeremiah 29:11 that we didn’t have before. Also, with new partnerships we will have new things happening as well and have BIG dreams for Live Bravely as a whole. ¬†We will keep you updated as things continue to progress..

As always, LIVE BRAVELY!



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