Indomitable Foundation

Live Bravely is working on building a foundation to help fund mental health and suicide prevention initiatives. We will need $25,000 to start our foundation and we are starting by accepting donations and using profits from the sales of our clothing line. Below you will find information about the concept behind our Indomitable clothing.


lb shirtdom

The two designs you see here are the first in what will be a series of messages we are printing on shirts, hats, coats and all kind of other swag to get people talking about suicide and mental health.

Everyone needs clothes, why not use them to spread an inspirational message and help change our culture?

We are in the process of designing many more options for both men and woman in a variety of styles.

Thanks for taking an interest and please help spread the word by sharing our page!

Why Are We Doing This?

Starting a conversation about suicide is not the easiest thing to do for most people and yet it’s the first step towards helping those stuck in fear and isolation get the help they need!

During 72 Hours 4 Life we teach people to get comfortable asking the question “Are you thinking of ending your life?” We want to create dialogue and connection! We’re not afraid to ask the question because we know that starting a conversation about death can lead to a conversation about life as well.

How to get a Shirt:

Contact us to place an order.  You can also purchase shirts at Image  Studio  (68 King St. East) 

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